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Information regarding Breast Implants and ALCL risk

An alarmist piece of news entitled "Breast Implants Causing Cancer" was published in the media, in which the existence of cases of Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL) was associated to breast implants. Following this news, INFARMED publicly clarified by their Informative Note No. 048 /CD/8.1.6 dated 19.03.2015 that, in addition to the reported number of cases being very small there is no evidence of a direct relationship between breast implants and ALCL, that at this stage there is no direct association to any brand of implants, specific type (silicone or saline) or envelope type (textured, smooth or polyurethane) in particular. Therefore, no particular action is recommended for women with breast implants, besides maintaining the monitoring routine.

Also ALLERGAN issued a statement on this subject in which it seeks to inform, clarify and reassure patients about this problem (ALCL), reiterating that sporadic cases of ALCL have been reported worldwide, that they can't be associated to any specific brand, type and implant surface and that their breast implants are safe and reliable, according to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) that have been following these cases for some years

Expomédica is awarded once more PME Excellence

EXPOMÉDICA was awarded the PME Excellence 17 status for the sixth year in a row. A reputation stamp created by IAPMEI to positively discriminate the SME companies that annually present the best economic and financial performance, creating conditions for increased visibility in a business segment of significative contribution to the national economy and employment. This year, we have already been awarded with the PME Leader 18.